Medical Tourism in Israel

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Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Trauma Unit for Emergency Medicine in Jerusalem Israel.

Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Trauma Unit for Emergency Medicine in Jerusalem Israel.

What is medical tourism?  Medical tourism is when you travel to another country for the purpose of receiving medical care.  This is often done to save money on a non-emergency procedure, to receive special services or quality of care not available in your home country or to receive care closer to friends, family and loved ones.

Why do Medical Tourists Consider Israel for Medical Procedures?

Some people go to Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and India to receive quality care. While the other medical tourists consider Israel as their destination for health because they serve the widely known excellent and superb quality of health care. Clients from different countries are treated in many major Israeli hospitals and in private practices.

The country has now become the number one choice for medical tourist because of many reasons. It is now known all over the world that Israel:

  • had become the new world-leader in treating cancer
  • hospitals have high quality services
  • have World-class medical facilities
  • recently updated their medical related technology
  • has an expert oncology medical team
  • is an expert in bone treatments
  • is an expert in reconstructive plastic surgery procedures
  • offers cheap but effective medication
  • offers cheap hospitalization and treatment procedures.

Patients all over the world go to Israel to experience these things. They want to make sure that all of their efforts will be worth it.

What are the Procedures Most Tourist Have?

In-Vitro Fertilization

Most tourists visit Israel for the in-vitro fertilization procedures or most commonly known as the “Test-tube baby” method. It is a process in which a sperm will fertilize an egg outside the body. According to wikipedia, In-vitro means “in-glass” or will be done in a test tube. Israel offers a very cheap package of the procedure compared to other countries.

Seek treatment from the famous “Dead Sea”

The Dead Sea or sometimes called “salt sea” since it is considered as world’s saltiest body of water, attracts many medical tourist because of its several health benefits. It can cure respiratory diseases because of its high atmospheric pressure.

The Dead sea became popular because of these 3 therapies:

Climatotherapy – Treatment for those who have sickle cell anemia.

Heliotherapy or Light therapy – For treatment of skin disease such as psoriasis, jaundice, eczema and acne.

Thalassotherapy – The elements found in the Dead sea can be good for skin, closing pores, making it popular for dermatological purposes.

Salt sea’s basic component is also used as a saline nasal irrigation that can cure and give relief to patients with rhinosinusitis.

Medical tourist with osteoarthritis also enjoy the wonders of dead sea’s mud since it is rich in minerals that can alleviate pain in knees, lower back and hands.

Bone marrow transplant

Israel provides the best bone-marrow transplant procedure. Patients are confident that doctors have enough skills to do the surgical process.

They are also known to be the best country in treating cardiovascular or heart disorders, all types of cancer and neurological treatments.

These are only some of the most popular medical procedures that make Israel attractive for medial tourists. Apart from their quality services, prices are also significantly lower, making it more appealing to Americans and other nationalities.


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